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Letter of Intent

Complete and submit the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation Letter of Intent Form.

If your Letter of Intent is encouraged, you will be contacted with next steps and invited to submit a Short Form or Full Grant application within the online system.


If you are new to the online format, here are some tips for using this system:

  1. You can log back into the system by clicking here and entering your username and password.
  2. You can save your progress and access your application another time by clicking “Save and Finish Later” and then log back into your account at another time.
  3. You can navigate all “in progress” and “submitted” applications using the drop down on the right of your homepage. Your applications will appear as blue links located in the main body of the page.
  4. If you’d like to preview all the questions you will be asked in the application prior to beginning, you may click on the “printer friendly version” button and preview the entire application at once.
  5. Using the “back” and “forward” buttons on your browser may delete all your information and/or log you out of the system. Please use the “next” button at the bottom of your application and/or the top tabs to move between application pages.
  6. If you forget your password, please contact us and we can reset it for you.

*Please note: Attachments must be uploaded into the application system as a Word Document, an Excel File or a PDF.

*Please also note: The system will automatically log you out and/or stop saving your progress after 15 minutes of inactivity (defined by "clicking a button"). To avoid this, consider typing longer responses outside of the system and then copy-and-paste them into it, or click "Save & Finish Later" often.

You are very welcome to call or e-mail us with any questions, concerns or technical issues you run into.
We will be happy to assist! 218.726.9000 | rachel@lloydkjohnsonfoundation.org

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