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Scholarship Summary

Scholarships In May 2013 the Lloyd K Johnson Foundation celebrated its sixth year of providing scholarships to graduating seniors at Cook County High School in Grand Marais Minnesota. In an unprecedented decision, the Board of Directors decided to award the scholarship to all nine applicants. As the Cook County News Herald reported after the awards ceremony “there were high fives and a few tears as students accepted the award and a standing ovation of gratitude for the Lloyd K Johnson Foundation for its generosity”.

The Lloyd K Johnson Post-Secondary Scholarship program was created by the Board to honor the wishes of Mr. Johnson to create opportunity for Cook County students to pursue their academic goals. The Scholarship assists recipients with all costs of tuition, fees and books for one year at Lake Superior College in Duluth, with the potential for renewal if recipients maintain their grades, full-time enrollment status, and satisfactory academic progress.

The 2013 graduating seniors from Cook County High School who are recipients of the Lloyd K Johnson Post-Secondary Scholarship are: Adrianna Berglund, Kayla Bronikowski, Anna Green, Stephanie Fenstad-Lashinski, Deedra Mongan, Clay Johnson, Mike Taylor, Zach Taylor, and Jade Wolke. The Scholarship renewal recipients are: Wayne (Gunnar) Anderson, Jordan Lack, and Bradley VanDoren. Linnea Leonard received a second renewal scholarship.

The Board of Directors of the Lloyd K Johnson Foundation and staff congratulate all the recipients and wish them well as they pursue their academic goals.

To learn more about how to apply for the scholarship program of the Lloyd K Johnson Foundation please click here.

2013 New Post-Secondary Scholarships: $25,040

2013 Post-Secondary Renewal Scholarships: $26,735

2013 Post-Secondary 2nd Renewal Scholarships: $6,352

2013 Lloyd K Johnson Foundation Post-Secondary Scholarship Award Recipients:
Adrianna Berglund, Kayla Bronikowski, Stephanie Fenstad-Lashinski, Anna Green, Clay Johnson, Deedra Mongan, Michael Taylor, Zach Taylor, Jade Wolke

2013 Lloyd K Johnson Post-Secondary Renewal/2nd Renewal Scholarship Award Recipients:
Renewal: Wayne (Gunnar) Anderson, Jordan Lack, Bradley VanDoren
2nd Renewal: Linnea Leonard

Application Process:
To learn more about how to apply for grant and scholarship funding from the Lloyd K Johnson Foundation click here.