The Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation 2019 Annual Report

Scholarship Summary

New Post-Secondary Scholarship Awards: 6 Awards; $17,909

Post-Secondary Renewal Scholarship Awards: 5 Renewal; 1 Second Renewal; $45,366

The Lloyd K. Johnson Post-Secondary Scholarship

"I wasn't much of a good student … but going to college and succeeding … challenged me to go in a direction I never thought I would go."
- Scholarship Program Alumni

We are proud to offer a supportive Scholarship Program model, which includes a dedicated staff position. Our program staff seeks to walk alongside our students, addressing all the challenges this transition so often yields. Things like budgeting and applying for financial aid; finding housing and learning bus schedules; figuring out part-time jobs and campus resources; connecting with personal and academic counseling; discussing needs and expectations with professors and college staff; navigating family, social and health concerns; and learning a new, much bigger city.

We also work with students who choose to attend online; our staff travels along the shore to ensure a personal connection. We communicate with our students often through texts and e-mails, and we individualize connections based on students' needs. Staff ensures students are knowledgeable about online studies and are connected to campus and community supports.

Whether moving to the Duluth area or taking online courses from home, we seek to provide consistent support, guidance, resources and planning; and we have built-in systems to give students second and third chances when things don't go as initially planned.

We're also always seeking ways to improve. This year we added a dedicated cell phone so students can text us. We initiated tailored student surveys, and we're using the results to shape the program (read more from our alumni here). We are hosting a new student campus tour and meet & greet with campus services, followed by lunch and a Q&A session with us. And we're working on building a textbook library to reuse those expensive books our alumni no longer need.

Next year we're excited to launch a financial workshop to teach budgeting skills, what it means to build healthy credit, what to watch for with predatory products, and how to safely enter a lease agreement. We're also looking forward to finishing up the last pieces of a study skills workshop; and we're working hard to complete a Scholarship Program Model & Resource Packet to be shared with all of you in 2020.

We're excited for the future of the program, and for the futures our students are creating for themselves. And we're grateful to them for shaping our work alongside of us.

This year, the Board of the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation is proud to announce the following awardees:

Post-Secondary Scholarship Award Recipients:

Dyami Blackwell, Jaymee Dosseey, Sophie Eliasen, Luke Johnson, Andrea Larsen, Cecilia Swader

Post-Secondary Renewal Scholarship Award Recipients:

Kya Brazell, Emery Brown, Finnian Garry, Joseph James, Nina Woerheide

Post-Secondary 2nd Renewal Scholarship Award Recipients:

Sarah Toftey

To learn more about the Scholarship Program, click here.